Administrative Structure Administrative Structure

The Supporting Processes and their Main Responsibilities
  1. The Human Resource Management Supporting Process
    • Strives to realize the vision and mission of the council through recruiting a qualified human resource and thereby establishing effective , productive and customer-centered human resource
  2. The payment and Finance supporting Process
    • Administersthe Finance remitted by the city’s Finance and Economic Development Officeand facilitatesthe financial processesas per the proclamations and directives of the country.Besides,it makes a recordof the financial transactions of the counciland presentsa timely report to pertinent bodies
  3. The Internal Auditing Supporting Process
    This supporting process of the council is primarily accountable for the following activities Gives quality and seasonal internal auditing service
    • Inspects and ensures the proficiency of the regular and capital budget of the council
    • Ensures transparency, accountability and inspection procedure by reinforcing the internal auditing process of the council
    • Fights the rent-seeking out-look and its vile activities
    • Builds a transformed working force and striving for quality provisions
    • Strives to establish a productive resource utilization
    • Conducts survey study to envision the challenges of the institution
  4. The Research, plan and Budget, monitoring and evaluating supporting process
    • This process is responsible for Conducting Project Proposals ,Researches and Organizes data pertaining to the council. The process also makes a notable contribution in preparing the council’s plan and Budget plan. Conducting supervision and evaluation for various departments of the council is also some of the responsibilities of this process.
  5. Procurement and Property Administration Supporting Process
    • This supporting process executes the procurement activities of the council and administers the property of the council as per the accountability and responsibility vested upon it.
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