Health Bureau Health Bureau



  • Urban health extension packages implementations activity
  • Capacity building activities of health sector leadership, urban and extension professionals
  • Creating a health development army based on model families
  • With improvement of maternal and youth health care prevention of diseases and reduce children disease and mortality
  • Through evaluation of the urban health extension program and its difficulties solicit solutions
  • Provide necessary advices, medication and support on PMTCT to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS from mother to child

Disease prevention and health care activities

  • Strengthen HIV/AIDS’s prevention and control programs and provide adequate treatment and medication to those living with the disease

Disease prevention and health protection activities

  • Strengthen the activity of HIV/AIDS prevention and control program and give adequate treatment to those living with the disease in order to reduce the impact of the disease on the productive work force
  • Strengthen the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention and control activity through mass mobilization
  • Strengthen and expand syndrome sexually transmitted diseases medical services in all government hospitals and selected private clinics
  • Reduce the deaths and pain due to tuberculosis and leprosy
  • Assessment of transmitted and non-transmitted disease
  • Provide public health services

Medical service delivery activities

  • Monitor and control newly constructed health institutions
  • Upgrade the quality of medical service in current institutions, and monitor and control the expansion and construction of health institutions
  • Through the implementation of health care financing ensure efficient resource utilization

Issuance of Health institutions and professional competence assurance

  • Monitoring and issuance of licenses  to drug store, ensuring an up to standard public health cognizant drug provision
  • Supervise and monitor the quality of service provision of government and private institutions in the city
  • Professional registration and licensing in accordance to set directions

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