Women, Children and Youth Affairs office Women, Children and Youth Affairs office

About the Bureau

Establishment proclamation:

  • Addis Ababa City Administration women, Children and Youth Affairs was established as per proclamation number 361/2003.

Year of establishment:

  • Previously under the Social and Civil Affairs Bureau, the women’s Affairswas established as an office in 2008. Associated with Children in 2009, it was named women and children affairs by 2011. Separating itself from youth and sport Bureau, the office has eventually come to be established as Addis Ababa City Administration Women,

Children and Youth Affairs Office

  • To rerate acuity by 2020 where by gender equality, a society that respects and protects the rights and privileges of children and creation of a bib rant and productive youth that actively participate in the development endeavor is realized.


  • To create awareness among the Addis Ababa community, work in close collaboration with concerned parties, strengthen community based organizations, establish participatory and proactive programs, to develop and strengthen Youth centers, provide community based child support and protect children’s rights in addition to ensuring that all sector offices encompass Women and Youth agendas in their plans that would in turn all sector offices encompass women and youth to equally participate, benefit and became decision markers


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Change driven
  • Service driven
  • Accomplished and reliable administration
  • Children and Women’s Right Activist
  • Sensitize gender equality
  • Youth mobilization and  engagement in development