Mass Media Agency Mass Media Agency

About the Agency

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Disseminates news and information that are useful to residents of the city through publication, radio and television; owns regular publications.
  • Studies the provision and expansion of effective and efficient publications, radio and television services that are supported by appropriate technology and ensures the implementation of same upon approval.
  • Produces special programs that enhance the awareness of the residents concerning legal and democratic rights; disseminates literature, radio and television programs to enhance the general knowledge of the public and to satisfy recreational needs of residents using different media,
  • Receives and transmits public opinions and suggestions; investigates and declares results to the public.
  • Publicizes current political, economic and social matters.
  • Provides services of picture documentation, advertisements and printing press.
  • Establishes working relations with similar local and overseas organizations to exchange new practices and information as well as trainings and shares experiences.