Culture and Tourism Culture and Tourism

City Government of Culture and Tourism Bureau 

City Government of Culture and Tourism Bureau is located in Kirkos Sub-City Wereda eight near to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in side Ethiopian Mapping Agency Building. The bureau has 460 permanent and 84 contract employees. The bureaus regular budget in the fiscal year of 2010/2011 was 31,592,295. Thus, it has created job opportunities to 65 citizens.

Tel. +251-11-859-11-43

Addis Tourism

Ethiopia is among the top world tourist destinations. It is endowed with rich historical antiquities, cultural as well as natural sceneries; however, the country's modern tourism sector started to boom after the foundation of Addis Ababa as a capital city.

The construction of the first Hotel in Ethiopia, Taitu Hotel, the construction of Addis-Djibouti Railway, telephone networking, post office, road and the introduction of other modern technologies have opened the gate way to tourism. Since then, virtually every tourist flocking to the country finds if self enjoining moments in Addis as well. Its high standard accommodation facilities have attracted many visitors their stay in the country.