Communication Affairs Bureau Communication Affairs Bureau

About the Bureau

Addis Ababa Communication Affairs Bureau


  • It is established by proclamation number 15/2009 on the reestablishment of executive organs of Addis Ababa city administration.
  • Established in 2009 G.C


  • To see a well-informed and practical society that could participate in the city’s development.


  • To play a leading role in communication process and build the image of the city and nation through facilitating speedy flow information between the people and the government


  • Understanding the value of disseminating up-to date and accurate information
  • Working to ensure rule of law, gender equality and equity
  • Serving people and government based on ethical principles
  • Producing public relation works economically and efficiently
  • Belief in customer complaints and efficiently
  • Playing a role to bring about consensus and image building
  • Understanding the team work and effort, and experience sharing as bases for successes
  • Striving to tackle rent seeking and to bring developmental change and good governance
  • Developing the culture of  role modeling