Ethiopia unveils 10-year horticulture strategy

October 3, 2017

Ethiopia unveils 10-year horticulture strategyThe Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource of Ethiopia (MoARD) unveiled a 10-year National Horticulture Development and Marketing Strategy today.

The country utilized only 2.5 million despite the availability of 11.5 million hectares of land suitable for horticulture development.
Ethiopia’s neighbor Kenya earns 800 million US dollars annually from horticulture. However, Ethiopia obtains less than 50 million US dollars per annum from the sector due to the absence of proper strategy.

Hence, the new strategy, which was designed by taking valuable lessons from different countries, would help boost foreign currency earnings by addressing challenges in the sector.

Lack of storage and transportation facilities are some of the challenges facing Ethiopia's horticulture sector.

It was also indicated that the strategy would help meet the growing demand for Ethiopia’s horticulture products from Middle East and European countries as well as to provide support for investors and smallholder farmers,

The strategy would also help put in place modern marketing and financial system, expand infrastructure and other essential facilities.

Source: (FBC)