Vision,Mission and Values Vision,Mission and Values

Vision Statement of the city council

To be one of the top ten modern world city councils in making accessible and visible laws by the year 2012.

Mission Statement of the city council

To benefit the residents of Addis Ababa through making city-based laws that ensures good governance, development and democracy by way of participating the public, monitoring and evaluating the executives, and informing the public regularly about the city councils’ activities and the decisions made.

Core value of the city council

  • We ensure the representativeness of the public;
  • We ensure the supremacy of the law;
  • We perform efficiently to confirm democratic rights within the city council;
  • We develop the practice of tolerance within the city council;
  • We prioritize the benefit of the public;
  • We serve the public with loyalty and integrity;
  • We perform efficiently for the sake of the public benefit;
  • We direct with trust and knowledge.