Speaker of the Council Speaker of the Council

The speaker, being accountable to the Council, shall:
  1. Have a term of office of the council provided, however, that he may be removed from office by resignation, suspension or termination of his membership; and the details thereof shall be set out by the internal regulations of the Council;
  2. Direct the Secretariat of the Council;
  3. Call and preside over the meetings of the Council and coordinate the committees thereof;
  4. Represent the Council in all its dealings with third parties;
  5. Prepare the budget of the Secretariat of the Council and implement same upon approval;
  6. Employ and administer the staff of the Secretariat of the Council in accordance with civil service law;
  7. Ensure that laws adopted by 'the Council are published in the Addis Negarit Gazette;
  8. Execute, disciplinary measures decided by the Council on its members;
  9. Give periodical briefings to the residents and notify concerned organs about decisions passed by the City Council. He shall also ensure that the documents of the Council are available and accessible to residents;
  10. Prepare plan for capacity building of the members of the Council and implement it jointly with concerned executive bodies.
  11. Create cordial relations and exchange experiences with internal and external counterpart Councils.
  12. Perform other functions assigned to him by the Council.