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Addis Ababa has several parks. The following are the major ones that are worth visiting. Africa Park between Hilton, Presidents Palace and the old Gebbi is the latest of those.

Lion Zoo Park

This Park was established in 1948 and is the only Zoo Park in the city where one could visit caged Lions, Lioness and Cabs. The lions are given for Emperor Haileselassie as a gift from Wollega, Illubabor and Sidamo provinces. Located at Sidist kilo, formerly it was inside the palace of Emperor Haileselassie (the present Sidist Kilo University). Lions kept in the zoo are among the rare and endemic species in Ethiopia: Leopantels Abyssinica. The park is also accommodates Tortoises, Birds, Baboons, Monkeys, Rabbits, Apes and others.

Africa park/Addis-Ethio -Africa Park

It is found in Kirkos locality, in front of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and Hilton Addis Ababa. It is the place where the founder countries of organization of African Unity (OAU) and other diplomats have been planting trees for memory.

Lovely landscaping, with winding walk ways, churning channels of cascading water, tidy trees and green grass make a pleasant respite in the city centre. It provides recreational facilities for all to enjoy during the day time.

Peacock Park

It is located in front of Bole printing press, 1km to the left side of the main road. It hosts wedding ceremonies and is used for other recreational purposes. Among the indigenous plants found here, Olea Africana, Acacia Abyssinica, Millettia Ferruginea and Cordia Africana are the major ones.

Bole Park

Bole Park is located on the way to Bole international airport, behind peacock restaurant. It is popular for hosting wedding ceremonies. Musicians supported by traditional musical instrument such as Kerar, Masinko and Kebero shows varieties of national songs and dances with the participation of guests.

Bihere Tsige Park

This park is said to be established in 1960’s by Ato Sebehatu G/Egziabhare. It is known as the Semien Park of the city. This is because it includes the endemic Gelada Baboons (Chelada zengero), other Monkeys, Apes and different bird species. It has a variety of flowers, trees and shrubs that can make the stay of visitors delightful. It also hosts wedding ceremonies. There is also a one storey building which was built as that of the Fasiladas castle in Gondar. It is located on the way to Debrezeit opposite to St. Joseph church (around Red Cross).

Afencho ber/ Ethio-korea Park

It is in this park where one can find the Korean marchers Monument. It is located around Afencho ber.

Hamle 19 Park

This Park is located on the way to Entoto behind the USA Embassy. It covers a 20 hectare land with green shade trees. The main types of plants that are found in the park are Eucalyptus and Juniper trees. In addition to visitors, the park also hosts wedding ceremonies.

Yeka Park
Ferensay Park
Sheger Park (located at Addisu gebeya)
Ambassador Park
Kolfe Park (Kolfe keranyo subcity)