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Secretariat of the Council
The Core and Supporting Processes within the office of the city council of Addis Ababa

The City Council Comprises of three prominent cores and five support process. The core processes are responsible for the execution of various ranges of activities pertaining to the council. The core processes of the council are the following:

  1. The law enactment and Inculcation Professional Service Core Process

    These core processes contributes through scrutinizing the drafted laws and have it approved by the concerned body. The core process also publishes and distributes the codes and proclamations after a thorough professional scrutiny to the scripts. It also makes a prominent role in conducting a legal research and endeavors to inculcate the legal provisions to the society for a better awareness.

  2. The Government Executives Supervision and Inspection affairs Core Process

    This core process plays a central role in scrutinizing the drafted plans and has it approved by the council. It also collects feedback from the supervision and inspection conducted by the standing committee of the council. The core process makes a significant role in enhancing the capacity of the council and preparing forums for the public. Conducting a socio-economic study is also one of the prominent activities of the core process.

  3. Information and Public Relations Core Process

    The information and public relations core process is one of the main core processes of the council. The core process has achieved various accomplishments as of its establishment. Some of the activities of this core process are preparing publications such as magazines, news-letters, brochures, calendars and other pertinent writings to access it to the society. The department also disseminates various information of the society on the websites of the council. It also makes an audio and video recording of the various formal meetings conducted by the council. Hence, the department serves as a prominent repertoire of information for the council and various pertinent bodies in the city. The core process also plays a pivotal role in keeping record of minutes on formal sessions and internal meetings of the council. Besides the core process is contributing a significant role through documentation of various pertinent information in the library and thereby playing its role on the democratization process of the country.

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