Kirkos Sub City Kirkos Sub City

Kirkos Sub-city Administration

Kirkos Subcity on MapArea: 14.62  

Population: 235,441

Male: 110,069

Female: 125,372

Population density per sq. m: 16,104

No. of Weredas: 11

Location: Kasanchis ,below Total Station

Powers and functions of the sub-city

The sub-city shall:

  • Carry out municipal functions within the bounds of the physical space located for it in accordance with the principle of decentralization and in conjunction with the center of the city.
  • Administer the Weredas under its jurisdiction
  • Ensures the observance of law and order
The Sub-City Council

Being accountable to the sub-city residents and the City Council, the sub-city council shall:

  1. Endorse the sub-city's socio-economic development as well as municipal services plans.
  2. elect the Speaker , Deputy Speaker and Secretary of the Council from council members of the sub- city.
  3. elect the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive of the sub-city from council members appointed by the political party with the majority of seats.
  4. endorse the appointment of the sub-city's standing committee members nominated by the Chief Executive of the sub-city.
  5. reallocates budget which has been allocated to it by the City Council.
  6. establishes committees of the sub-city council.
  7. receives from the Chief Executive of the sub-city and endorse annual and periodic reports.
  8. issues directive by which the activities of the sub-city council would be led.

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Age old Churches and Mosques

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