Administration Justice Bureau Administration Justice Bureau

Addis Ababa city Administration Justice Bureau

Proclamation Number

It was established through the city administration's  office establishment proclamation no. 15/2009 G.C

Year of Establishment

It was established in 2003 G.C


To make Addis Ababa the city of justice and ensure rule of law in the year of 2020 G.C


Assuring the rule of law in the city by enacting laws which help good governance and creating law of awareness; providing fast and reachable justice, agreement and core event registration service to the society and ensuring peace and security through preventing crims.


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Alert for change
  • Providing a better service
  • Guiding & Leading by trust and knowledge
  • Working for justice and rule of law
  • Strongly strive for rent seeking
  • Standing for common objective by creating good relationship

Head of the Bureau

Name – Ato Tsegaye Hailemariam

Tel – 011 5150628