Environmental protection Authority Environmental protection Authority

About the Authority

  • Establishing Proclamation: - by the Proclamation number 15/2001 to establish Addis Ababa city administration implementers and reform municipality service
  • Established year:- 1995 E.C


  • To make Addis Ababa one of the 15 model cities in the world for the environmentally conscious development works by 2012 E.C


  • To crate pollution free and green Addis Ababa and syndicate development with environmental works that are researched, evaluated and monitored with the collaborative efforts of the community to ensure the right of the society to live in a clean and healthy environment with sustainable development and wise use of natural resources.


  • Beneficiary
  • Transparent
  • Enhance service
  • Change driven
  • Knowledgeable and faithful performance
  • Believes that environmental is the sustainable growth
  • Environmental development efforts for sustainable growth
  • Participate the community in environmental work