The Addis Ababa City Administration Civil Service Commission was established in pursuant to the proclamation No. 41/1993 that defines the powers and duties organs of the Transitional Government as public Service Administration Bureau. Until the reorganization in accordance with the principle of decentralized power sharing in January 2003 it was achieved its duties and responsibilities as public Service Administration Bureau. Based on the proclamation No. 2/2003 which declares the Addis Ababa Executive and Municipal Service Organs Establishment it was organized as Civil Service Commission.

It is accountable to the Addis Ababa city Administration Capacity Building Office.The Commission has the necessary manpower which provides human resource management functions to the offices organized at the city level. It has also a functional relationship with the civil service departments organized at the ten sub-cities. Besides the functional relationship, the commission deals with those functions that are not delegated to the sub cities.

Starting from 2001 E.C the city administration has planned to implement BPR on all public bodies in the city administration. Inline with this direction, the commission has already studied its own BPR and now on the way to implement the new business process i.e., the human resource management core processes. 


  • The vision of the civil service is to see that modern human resource management (HRM) system would be developed and maintained in the Addis Ababa City Administration.


  • The mission of the Addis Ababa City Administration Civil Service Commission is to coordinate and initiate HRM policies, strategies and programmers, design implementation strategies, follow up and evaluation of the line institutions with in the City Administration to achieve the following purposes:-
  • To develop and install effective organizational structure.
  • To implement HRM reform sub-program, and
  • To lay down a legal framework and establish fair and just systems and procedures that improves effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the civil servants.


  • The Civil Service Commission has the objective to improve the HRM of the City Administration institutions.


  • The principles and underlying values that must be followed in order to achieve the vision and mission are:-
  • Exercising leadership              
  • Service-oriented
  • Respecting the law
  • Commitment
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Justice
  • Quality of work
  • Merit
  • Customer focused
  • Model to others
  • Key Services 
  • Prepare and distribute of different Human Resource Management rules and regulation in accordance with the civil service law of the city Administration.
  • Human Resource planning of the Administration
  • Organization, Preparation and making available detail Human Resource data and information of the Administration for beneficiaries.
  • Perform studies and decisions regarding job classification and benefits.
  • Give a deciding on redeployment of staff, extension of service beyond retirement and termination of service.
  • Assign sponsor driven training and educations based of based on identified needs of the organizations.
  • Supervising and co  aching HRM implementation in the Administration
  • Render   decisions for the grievance application of the employees of the Administration.
  • Giving final decisions of Administrative tribunal on appeals of civil servants, translate issues related with the civil service laws, regulations and directives.              

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