Cabinet Cabinet

Addis Ababa is a self-governing chartered city with its own City Council. The Council, which is elected every five years, is accountable both to the city electoral and the Federal Government. Similar organizational set-ups exists at the lower level of the City Administration. However, since the current administration is interim, the city has only the cabinet.

The following are cabinet members of the City Government

  • The Mayor
  • The Heads of the Bureaus
  • Other officials selected by the Mayor

Being accountable to the Mayor for its joint decisions and to the City Council, the city cabinet shall:

  • Ensure that proclamations, regulations, resolutions and standards adopted by the City Council and by the Federal Government are implemented.
  • Ensure that policies adopted by the Council are implemented.
  • Initiate city-wide policies and drafts of proclamations.
  • Deliberate over the annual plans and budgets of the city.
  • Decide on the organizational structure of the executive bodies of the City Government.
  • Issue regulations according to the authority given to it by proclamations.
  • Perform other functions assigned to it by the Mayor and by the Council.
  • The term of years of the Cabinet shall be the term of office of the Council.