Addis Ababa City Beautification, Park, and Cementer Development Agency

Proclamation Number

  • It was established in order to reestablish Addis Ababa City's administration executive bodies and municipal services through the proclamation No. 15/2009 G.C. based on part three chapter one.

Year of establishment

  • It was established as an agency in 2010 G.C but earlier it was categorized under sanitation and beautification administration.


  • The Agency would aspire to make Addis Ababa one of the African cities which are prefer able in terms of beauty and green development to their residences and visitors as well.


  • Assuring the citty's beauty by expanding public part and the city's grean development; making modern, fast, and fair service provision of park, commentary, and development through the participation of the society and stake holders.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Alert for change
  • Providing a better service
  • Human resource is our primary wealth
  • Guiding and working by trust and knowledge
  • Group work is the basic to our success.
  • Believing that our work begins from common attitude and awareness.
  • Assuring the city's beauty and green development through the participation of the society.

Head of the Bureau

Name- Ato Tsegaye Hailemariam

Tel. – 011 6545532