Labor and Social Affairs Bureau Labor and Social Affairs Bureau

About the Bureau

Labor and social Affairs Bureau

Establishment Proclamation:

  • According to article 18 of Addis Ababa City Government executive bodies and municipality service re-establishment proclamation No.15/2001 it re-established in describing its duties and responsibilities.

Establishment Year:

  • 2001 E.C.
  • According to the above proclamation, it acts independently. Previously it was under two offices namely Social and Non-Governmental Organizations Affairs Office and Employer-Labor Affairs Office. It is clear that it had various names previously.


  • Enabling Addis Ababa a city in which wide job deployment service, industrial, peaceful and social security is realized by the year 2012.


  • The bureau, through undertaking study and research at city level, will introduce and execute policies, laws, regulations and directives widely, through public participation and coordinating support of other pertinent bodies.
  • Realizing industrial peacefulness through widening job development service, respecting rights of employees and employers as well as improving working environments and sustaining health and security of the workers.
  • Realizing social security of the communities in hardships through social security development and expansion of development program and preventing social problems in advance.


  • Change Oriented
  • Equitable Service
  • Transparency
  • Knowledgeable and faithful leadership
  • Accountability
  • Quality service
  • Realizing industrial peacefulness
  • Sustainably rehabilitating Victims