Health Bureau Health Bureau

About the Bureau

Provision of Establishment:

  • In accordance to proclamation number 25/2001, article 1, number 7 on the reestablishment of Addis Ababa City Administration executives and municipality organs.
  • Year of Establishment: In January 19 85, established for the first time under the Ministry of Health of the transitional government, acquiring its own legal authority and responsibility as Addis Ababa Health Bureau and in the same year in February it is formed once again as region 14 health bureau for the first time.


  • To create a healthy society in the city government and make the Addis Ababa City a model city in Africa with quality provision of health services.


  • Through the collaborative undertaking of disease prevention by the public and stakeholders rendering speedy, fruitful and quality health services so as to create healthy and productive citizens.


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Quality service
  • Knowledgeable and faithful leadership and performance
  • Change oriented
  • Professional ethics
  • Patients first