There is favorable situation for the youth to work and succeed in their country

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church has announced that the youth should not expose their lives to illegal migration while there is a favorable environment in their country to work and change themselves.
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church community, who reside in Switzerland, have donated a financial aid to families of the martyrs, who were victims of IS (Islamic State).
Up on the handing over of 27, 500 birr aid to each 11 martyrs' families, Patriarch of the church, Abune Matias said the church had already said prayers of absolution and honored them martyrs of the era.
His holiness said the youth should understand the sufferings of fellow citizens in various parts of the world and take the opportunity to work hard in their homeland and bring about changes in their lives.
According to Ambassador Mulie Tarekegn, Chief of the Cabinet Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government has helped those migrants suffering in some foreign countries while taking measures against illegal traffickers.
The Ambassador witnessed that the government strongly makes efforts to nip the problem in the bud and calls for concerted efforts to smash down human trafficking.
Families of the victims expressed their heartfelt gratitude and thanks for what has been done to them.
It is to be reminded that the self-declared IS terrorist group awfully murdered more than 30 innocent Ethiopian civilians. 
Source: Addis Ababa Communication Affairs Bureau